I Saw The Face Of Jesus and He Is Real!

Christian author & speaker Michael Anthony Gagliardi shares his divine connection with Jesus in his new book series “A Divine Connection With A Message From God Volume I & II.”

I always wonder what Jesus really does looks like and how real He is. Well, all I can tell you is that, He knows our thoughts and when I least expected it, He came down from the clouds to visit me and healed me. He is real!

I have had several divine connection with God and even heard the voice of God the Father speak to me, when I visited Heaven in what I believe was a divine connection into the future.

In my new book series I will walk you through several divine connections I have had over the past 20 years and I will unpack the power of redemption and illuminate on other Biblical truths that I have learned to share with His people before His second coming that will happen soon. Are you ready?

These book series will give you the knowledge and understanding to live your life in complete Victory here on earth and prepare you to be ready for the second coming of Christ Jesus return.

Here is what readers are saying about this book series: *  Enlightening  *  Informative  *  Inspirational  *  Motivating  *  A Powerful Message * Down To Earth * A Must Read  *

The first two volumes of A Divine Connection With A Message From God are available in both print and e-book format from several major online bookstores, including Amazon.com, BN.com and Apple’s iBookstore. Author Michael Anthony Gagliardi is available for inspirational interviews and speaking events upon request.
For Interviews and Speaking Requests Contact:
Michael Anthony Gagliardi
770-288-2464 Direct
678-249-4548 cell



About Michael Anthony Gagliardi's Blog

Christian Author & Speaker. I am the author / publisher of book series A Divine Connection With A Message From God. This is what readers are saying: * Awesome * Down To Earth * Very Easy Reading * Eye Awakening * Informational * Inspirational * Motivational * Powerful Message * A Must Read *

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