Amazing Grace How Sweet That Sound That Save A Wretch Like Me

Many are still lost in this world and need to be found. Though you made think by looking at someone from the outside that they are not lost, but if you search their inner spirit man, they are so lost in a forest despair and don’t know how to get out. What can we do as Christian to help them? Share with them the Good News of  the gospel of Christ Jesus to them. Don’t assume you think someone is saved in Christ Jesus, Know by asking them.

Christian author & speaker Michael Anthony Gagliardi new book series “A Divine Connection With A Message From God Volume I & II.” Gagliardi who has had serveral divine connections with God, unpacks the power of redemption and illuminates on other biblical truths. These book series will also give you the knowledge and understanding to live your life in complete Victory here on earth and prepare you to be ready for the second coming of Christ Jesus return.

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Christian Author & Speaker. I am the author / publisher of book series A Divine Connection With A Message From God. This is what readers are saying: * Awesome * Down To Earth * Very Easy Reading * Eye Awakening * Informational * Inspirational * Motivational * Powerful Message * A Must Read *

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